Ulrich’s Competencies

1. Ulrich’s competencies, “Change Champion”, identify and explain each of 6 competencies in Factor One as needed by HR professionals to the extent to initiate change.

2. How are these competencies relevant to the GE case?
The Ulrich’s 6 Competencies include:

  • Strategic positioners who understand evolving business contexts, stakeholder expectations and business requirements, and be able to translate them into talent, culture and leadership actions.
  • Credible activists who build relationships of trust and have a clear point of view about how to build business performance.
  • Capability builders who define, audit and create organization capabilities required for sustainable organizational success.
  • Change champions who initiate and sustain change at the individual, initiative and institutional levels.
  • HR innovators and integrators who look for new ways to do HR practices and integrate those separate practices to deliver business solutions.
  • Technology proponents who use technology for efficiency to connect employees and to leverage new communication channels, such as social media.

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