Uncle Bob is a resident of California

Accessing Data

Uncle Bob is a resident of California. You and Uncle Bob went on vacation to Miami together. Uncle Bob was speeding while on vacation the police pulled him over. After some conversation with the police officer, Uncle Bob was handcuffed and arrested.

Bob has never been out of the state until now. He has no prior crimes in Florida or any state other than California. Miami Police Department knows his name, birth date, height, and weight. They also know the dates of his offenses, trial, and punishment. Why was Uncle Bob handcuffed and arrested? How did the Florida police officer know of his offenses in that happened in California?

Write a 700–1,050 word essay analyzing the methods used to obtain the data gathered on Uncle Bob.

Consider how the data was available to the Miami Police Department.

Discuss the possible communication methods between the officer and his/her agency.
Analyze the information available to the Miami Police Department and the flow of information from California to Florida.
Explain at least four ways that this information is shared between local and/or federal agencies.
Summarize the results of your evaluation of what crimes Uncle Bob could be charged with and the ability of the police agency in Florida to obtain this information.

Cite your sources consistent with APA guidelines.

Include a title page and reference page.

Format your work consistent with APA guidelines.

Foster, L. R. E. (2013). Police Technology, Vitalsource for Kaplan University. [VitalSource Bookshelf version]. Retrieved from

Tocqueville and Democracy

Write a 8-10 page interpretive/reflective essay on the topic. Your response to the question should concentrate on two principal elements. (1) An interpretation of what you understand the text is attempting to say. (2) A critical evaluation of the material. Your critique of the text should be based on whether or not you believe the author has presented and defended a viable position. Although it is not required, please feel free to utilize other material to support your arguments.

QUESTION: Although critical of democracy, Tocqueville (in Democracy in America) did recognize that democracy was the form of political arrangement which would most likely be dominant in the future. While democracy could lead to an overall well being, it could also lead to a type of servitude. Examine and evaluate two of the principal means – the notion of self-interest properly understood and the need for associations – which Tocqueville believed are necessary to mitigate against the dangers of equality and democratic society.

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