Understanding human behavior in a developmental context

Understanding human behavior in a developmental context

In chapter 1 there are several key theorists discussed for their contribution to understanding human behavior in a developmental context.  No one theory can account for the diversity of development.

  • Erikson – Psychosocial
  • Piaget   – Cognitive
  • Freud   –  Psychoanalytic
  • Pavlov /Watson/ Skinner – Behavioral
  • Bandura – Social Cognitive
  • Bowlby (Attachment) – Ethological Theory
  • Bronfenbrenner – Ecological Theory
  • Information Processing Approach
  1. Choose minimum 2 (two) different approaches, briefly summarize the key ideas from each theory, and explain why and how these theoretical views compliment and contrast each other. Do not simply rehash the theory itself – you may need to look in other chapters as well for more information regarding each theoretical approach to development.
  2. Include your thoughts as to which theoretical approaches seem to make the most sense to you when thinking about development from birth to death and how they contribute to developmental processes that you have learned about in Chapter 1.
  3. Support your responses with peer reviewed research. If you are unfamiliar with collecting/reviewing peer reviewed articles – see syllabus for resources available for help.

Further research on the following might help:

What are the 4 types of behavior?,

What determines a person’s behavior?,

How does psychology help us in understanding human behavior?,

What are the types of human behavior?,

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