unethical Public Relations

unethical Public Relations

Research and discuss how unethical Public Relations is more profitable and is more efficient than ethical Public Relations. Also the ethical Public Relations is just a way to gain credibility to further manipulate the publics, in ways like spin-doctoring, and lies and cover ups that don’t get discovered, which doesn’t prove that Public Relations is ethical, but its proves that they need to be smart con-artists in a way.

By looking at ethical PR cases and pointing out that if it was carried out unethically it would’ve yielded better results. Plus unethical cases that were successful. For example Tobacco and fast food industries, they’re doing an excellent work. Also the illusion of security in social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp, where it is supposedly not provided to organisations like the FBI or other law enforcers and how it could all be a sham.

By providing a clear definition of “unethical PR”… prove that it’s the way PR has to be practiced, in the sense that everybody lies, cover up by silence, or delay in response time, to minor shedding only a positive light on a darkly negative situation, just spinning it around.

With pointing out for example how the Excellence Theory of Public Relations doesn’t mention ethics in any form in order for PR to be excellent. Also that Astroturf is very much around us, and even though it might not be ethical or legal, there is no way to go after who created it.

People now try to stay clear of conglomerate business and try to engage more in the B2B way of doing business, because cancels out the propaganda that they may be subject to, basically to stay clear of the fancy decorations hung out by the sharks of the market, with deviously crafted persuasive messages like “state of the art” or “number 1” or “you’ll get more of the opposite sex”, and do business through direct and more chance of honest peer-to-peer transactions… who’s goals are apparently clear, due to the small scale in which they practice. Unlike big companies who are likely serving a secret agenda, which sounds much of a conspiracy theory, but for the sake of this paper it does make sense. POWER!

So basically other reasons why unethical PR is better, GO WILD.

Of course find a strong philosophy that agrees with, that a person ethics can be changed in the face of what they think is in their benefit in one way or another. Like Immanuel Kant or his rival, I don’t remember, but yeah.

• Hypocrisy in the media is a given today, why?
• Propaganda alive or dead?
• Does Public Relations practice benefit society? How is different from journalism?
• Power and that responsibility.
• Ethical dilemmas, why do they exist?
• Is ethical PR an unachievable goal?
• Two-way Symmetrical model of communications is mostly practiced for a reason, though Asymmetrical is what is preached.
• Honest PR and PRSA’s rules are a trend. Like democracy, if not followed, then the whole concept is frowned upon and crossed over.
Pointing to Media PR, campaigning for political gains, and celebrities, Tiger Woods scandal for example, all managed through unethical obfuscation, and derailment of the publics to uphold the client’s interests first, which supposedly goes against the obligation of mutual interest of publics and organisations.

Are apologies ethical or unethical? Volkswagen’s case for example or Apple’s China thing. Organisations know that apologies work, so in some way they found a loop in relationships, and they are not afraid to mess up and use it, is that ethical, knowing that you can get a free pass by fessing up.

Important references:

Shannon Bowen- Ethics and Public Relations (2007) – Especially: “We’d represent Satan if he paid” part

Cover Ups or Come Clean: https://paulkiser.com/2010/06/18/pr-and-ethics/

Kathleen Fearn-Banks – Crisis Communications Fifth Edition

Structure obviously Research Paper with the Discussion and Methodology and all of it. And light it up, not to serious when writing and use metaphors because I do.

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