Professionalism; Unsatisfactory: Does not Meet Basic Standards

Expected Outcome


Unsatisfactory: Does not Meet Basic Standards Satisfactory: Meets basic Standards Exemplary: Meets Highest Standards


Paper contains sentence fragments, run on sentences, grammatical errors, poor usage, misspelled words, lack of proofreading or appropriate formatting.

0 Points

Paper reflects college level writing skills with fewer than three mechanical errors.


 1  – 4 Points

Content Level (36) Answers to questions reflect little to no understanding of assignment. Little or no examples of value learned.

No reference to impact on you now.



0 – 24 Points

Answers to questions reflect a general understanding of the assignment. Appropriate examples of lessons learned and discussion of methods used. Application to today clearly stated.

 25 – 32 Points

Answers to questions reflect an exemplary understanding of the assignment. Thorough application including detailed examples and discussion of lessons learned. Descriptive reflections of impact onwho you are today.

33 – 36 Points

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