Heading:The heading should include: the title of the assignment, the topic being written on (listed in the syllabus), and the dates of class you are covering. Also include on the top line the first 4-7 digits of your PeopleSoft ID (no names please).

Margins and spacing:I’m not picky about the top/bottom or left/right margins (you can set them anywhere between .5″-1.0″). USE DOUBLE SPACING and a font size of not less than 10 point. DO NOT ignore the page limit requirement! Points will be deducted if you are over or under the page limit.

THREE PART FORMAT:Caption each part of your summary (PART I, PART II, PART III) so the grader is clear. Each part should be ONE PARAGRAPH; just transition between ideas.

PART I (SUMMARY): (worth 44%, 11 points; 1-1¼ pages) This section highlights the main points of the lecture/discussion/readings. Try to answer the following question: “What are the most fundamental points/ideas being discussed?” Try to have no more than 5 key points, no fewer than 4. Do not include many small details. It’s okay to use a few statistics, but the purpose here is to succinctly summarize the primary arguments put forth in the in the lectures, discussions, and readings. Write this section as though the reader has NOT attended class or done the readings. Refer appropriately to at least ONE AUTHOR BY NAME FROM ASSIGNED READINGS. The grader is looking at your presentation of the key points of the discussions and how well you review the material. Be sure to make each key point a complete sentence; otherwise, it won’t make sense to the grader and you’ll lose points!

PART II (PERSONAL REACTION): (worth 32%, 8 points; 2/3 – 3/4 of a page) This section involves a critical reaction and evaluation of Part I. React to and thoughtfully evaluate the basic ideas that you highlighted in Part I. Be sure to cover at least two or three main points. Take a stance. Which of the arguments make more sense? Are they logical? Agree, disagree, REACT! REFLECT! Please use “I statements” as this should be your personal reflection. Here the grader is looking for how reflective, thoughtful, questioning, & critical your response is. Does it appear that the student really understood and reacted to the material? Always tell HOW you feel about a certain issue and WHY you feel that way (provide a rationale/justification).

PART III (PERSONAL APPLICATION): (worth 12%, 3 points; 1/3 – 1/4 of a page) What was the one, MOST important, helpful, and/or interesting to you about these particular lectures/discussions? Why was this so? Cite the ideas/facts/data/event that meant the most to you and state why, connecting the material to your everyday life. Ask yourself questions such as: Has this new information changed me? How? Has it changed any of my actions/behaviors/thoughts in the present? Will this new information alter my thinking/actions in the future? How? Here the grader is looking at how well you connect with one aspect of our discussion/lecture.

Grammar, punctuation, spelling, and writing effectiveness is worth 3 points (12%).

***I will be uploading the four reading that were assigned since it’s only one page you can only use TWO reading to use as reference and please mention at least ONE author of the two readings you use.

I also have a sample of my teachers reflection précis so it easier for you to follow the instructions.

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