vivid memory you have

vivid memory you have
In Class:

1)Write a few paragraphs or more about a vivid memory you have. This can be a memory from childhood, adolescent years, adulthood, or even how you got to class today.

2) Review the literary device definitions (attached to this assignment tab).

3) Find at least two literary devices you used within your writing, one being your perspective (first, second, or third person).

4) Rewrite your memory from a different perspective than what you originally used. For example, if your wrote in first person, write in second or third.

5) Use at least three more literary devices within this revision.

6) At the end of the page, list the total of 5 literary devices you used . Explain (briefly) how you used each one.

7) Highlight where these literary devices appear in your work.

*Remember the page requirement is at least one page, plus you list of literary devices used.

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