I wish to express my sincere gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to you, for the vital, timely and invaluable information that you shared with me and my group. Through the information that you shared with us, we were able to learn important things about Seattle police department and its current mode of communication with the public. I never knew about the existence if SPD BLOTTER, where Settle residents and those from other regions can get timely, verified and constant news. Indeed the idea behind the creation of the website was ingenious, and it could never be more timely. SPD BLOTTER bridges the gap created by conventional media. Due to time limitation and other factors, crime news and other security related news are not given enough publicity as they should.

Sir, we are grateful to have been taken through a tour of your public relational website. One striking thing that I noted was that in the contemporary age of information and technology, when information sharing has become much demystified, the policing technology is not left behind. Through the information given, I was able to reflect on my role to supply police with information that would lead to the development of a better society. I also learned about the extent to which technology can be used to gather intelligence, carry out investigation and at the same time disseminate general public about their sa

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