Web Applications

Web Applications, HTML, JSP, PHP what is the significance of using all three together ?
what in your opinion is most important, The web application or the design process ?

Website Applications and Design

According to Brandon (2008), understanding the roles that each of the three web applications plays is the first step to understanding why it is essential to have them working together. First application is HTML also known as the hypertext markup language. It was among the initial applications that have been applied in developing of professional websites. It is often used in editing and positioning texts, images, frames and any other elements that are used in webpages (28).

JSP refers to Java Server Page and it is often used in controlling how content appears on the web by using servlets or what may be referred to as small programs that are uniquely built for the webpage for purposes of being run on webservers. Closely connected to JSP is PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) a server side or general-purpose scripting language that is used by web developers to enhance how the websites function or appear. In most instances, it is applied for custom solutions.

The ability of these web applications is what has made them be preferred since they each seem to have close connections to different functions that enhance the functionality of the sites and what the web developers may intend to design. For example, while HTML allows the sites to be flexible to the previously existing standards that were initially being applied. This flexibility is closely complement to  designing custom sites such as in the case of PHP and making additional features such as when an individual applied JSP.

The most essential aspect between web application and design process would be the design process as it allows the designer to establish the functionality of their products and to determine how it will be applicable to different case scenarios. Web Process allows the designer to establish all those functions that they suppose their site should perform to find the means how this is workable (Stefan et al, 2004, p7).

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