How do you scale your web application according to the demand? Why is important to be able to scale your web application with the changing demand?

2. What is internationalization of a web application? Why is it important to internationalize your web application?

3. Read the article: Web Accessibility Benefits, (Links to an external site.). Discuss the importance of making your web site accessible. Discuss the statement: “Making web site accessible also makes it more user friendly?”

The web is an outstanding sales conduit for various business organizations, large or small. With more than a billion users of the internet today, online data is increasingly swelling and must be collected, stored, processed and broadcasted to be used instantly or at a later time. Web applications, such as submit fields, shopping carts, login/inquiry forms, and content management systems (CMS) are website widgets that let this take place. Scaling a web application to handle the swelling amounts of data gracefully and readily expand with demand is a crucial step in the development of web applications.

In order to scale a web application, a developer needs to adopt a simple architecture with low complexity, many features, and no redundancy from the beginning of the project. As the business grows, the application’s database requires to be upgraded to handle the increasing data capacity. Therefore, the first level to scale a web application is through database replication. This means, instead of having one database server of say one tera-byte, one can have three additional servers of the same capacity to handle the additional read/writes. As the demand rises even further, the application and database would require major re-architecting; increasing the bandwidth, large hosting space, advanced database technology, firewalls and load balancers.[1]

Internalization of a web application refers to the process of getting an application ready to support one or more language and data format. On the other hand, localization is the procedure of acclimatizing an internationalized web application so as to support a precise locale or region.

[1] Devadas, Sriram. “Intuitively Showing How To Scale a Web Application Using a Coffee Shop as an Example.” High Scalability. March 17, 2014. http://highscalability.com/blog/2014/3/17/intuitively-showing-how-to-scale-a-web-application-using-a-c.html (accessed March 06, 2015).

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