week 4 assignment

wek 4 assignment
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Assignment: Kickoff Agenda

Consider your colleagues? responses to the introductory statement you posted in the Discussion. Have you gained some insights on additional topics to address in your kickoff meeting? Consider what you learned from your collaboration with your colleagues as you complete your kickoff meeting details for this Assignment.


Submit an agenda for the kickoff meeting for the planning phase of the Grand City University strategic plan. The agenda should indicate who in the Grand City University community you have invited to the meeting.

In addition to the agenda, in 1 to 2 pages, also explain the following:

Why you selected these particular agenda topics to address
Who you selected to include in the meeting and why
Identify which attendees are internal stakeholders and which are external stakeholders
How you plan to present the topics, including, specifically, how you will instill a sense of urgency to establish buy-in from everyone with regard to the strategic planning process

Kaltura Resources

The Kaltura resources are available in the Walden online classroom. They include a video and documents that explain best practices for recording and/or uploading videos and audio files into the Kaltura media player. You will be using the Kaltura media player in several assignments in this course. Read and view these resources before you begin this module?s Assignment.

Note: When you post a video assignment in this course, you will need to upload a transcript of your video for colleagues who may need to access it per the American Disabilities Act. As you plan what you will say in a video assignment, create a print document of your planned script. This can serve as your transcript; it is okay if the transcript doesn?t match your video verbatim.

Required Readings

Buller, J. L. (2015). Change leadership in higher education: A practical guide to academic transformation. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Chapter 2, ?Reframing Change? (pp. 29?54)

Hinton, K. E. (2012). A practical guide to strategic planning in higher education. Ann Arbor, MI: Society for College and University Planning.

pp. 9?17

Hanover Research. (2013, July). Strategic planning in higher education: Best practices and benchmarking. Retrieved from https://www.hanoverresearch.com/media/Strategic-Planning-in-Higher-Education-%E2%80%93-Best-Practices-and-Benchmarking.pdf

pp. 4?21

Higher Learning Commission. (2016). Maintaining accreditation. Retrieved November 13, 2015 athttps://www.hlcommission.org/Accreditation-Processes/accreditation.html

Required Media

Grand City Community

Laureate Education (Producer). (2016a). Grand City University: Dr. Jacquie Tran and strategic planning. Baltimore, MD: Author.

Go to the Grand City Community. Review the following scenario: Grand City University: Dr. Jacquie Tran and Strategic Planning.

Optional Resources

Tromp, S. A., & Ruben, B. D. (2010). Strategic planning in higher education: A guide for leaders (2nd ed.). Washington, DC: National Association of College and University Business Officers.

pp. 3?12 (review)
pp. 13?57

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