What is a learning journal?

What is a learning journal?

Can I have someone write a learning journal for me?

Will the written learning journal be custom written?

What is structure of writing a learning journal?

Learning journal is a collection of notes, observations, thoughts, ideas and any other form of relevant materials which is built-up over a period and usually accompanies a period of study, a placement experience or fieldwork.

Learning Journals are often used since

  • They provide a “live” picture of ones growing understanding of a subject experience
  • They are also essential in demonstrating how ones learning is developing
  • They aid in Keeping track of ones thoughts and ideas throughout their experiences
  • They also aid towards the identification of ones strengths, areas for improvement and Preferences in learning to improve knowledge and skills

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Stages of Writing the Reflective Journal

Important Piecing

The first stage is an invaluable one and it relies the writer’s skill to piece together information just it appears. In most instances, information may be in abundance and the writer has to record so they may refer later and to be sure they have not left any idea.

The nature of the idea can be what do I think about this issue/topic/ experience?

Spilling is the Second Stage

Spilling is the process of adding ideas into some of the presentations that one has made. In this stage, the writer makes an addition of more phrases into the statement to enhance an understanding and to allow other individuals to learn

In this stage the ideas would be in the form of

  • Explore my understanding, perceptions and ideas Question my assumptions
  • Identify anything confusing or difficult to understand
  • What more do I need to know to help my understanding

Researching (Read with Caution)

In this stage, the underlying idea focuses on refinement by the researcher or the students.

This can be simply be expressed as

  • Develop and refine my ideas and beliefs
  • Identify, locate, and interpret relevant information and resources.

Think and Reflect

Reflective learning journal records the events of ones day and how you feel about it. In essence, to get the most from ones journaling experience, one has to look deep inside and ask themselves some self-reflective questions after writing

  • How can I use this experience to improve my learning, thinking and working?

e.g. What would I do differently next time?

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