“What is responsible enterprise?”

“What is responsible enterprise?” The purpose of this essay is to discuss the changing role of business in society  (including small to medium enterprises & social enterprises). Specifically, students should identify the key global challenges we face, set out how “responsible enterprise” might help address those challenges & suggest why greater collaboration between business, government & nonprofits might be necessary in order to do so.

Assignment Details and Instructions.

  1. Introduction & background: Briefly outline the purpose & structure of the essay. Then, drawing on the “3 pillars of sustainable development,” set out what you believe are the key social, economic & environmental challenges we currently face as a global society. (700 words – 25%)

Relevant lectures: Introduction to the unit & social/ethical challenges; Environmental challenges; Economic challenges

  1. In the context of these challenges, set out what you understand by “responsible enterprise” & how it might help address them. (750 words – 30%)

There are diverse interpretations of what responsible enterprise means, encompassing related concepts such as sustainability, corporate social responsibility (CSR), corporate citizenship & ethical business. You should compare & contrast a range of academic views & interpretations of these concepts in your discussion.

Relevant lectures: Understanding the role of business in society; Defining Responsible Enterprise; Identifying responsible enterprise in practice

  1. Briefly explain the roles & responsibilities of government & nonprofit organisations in addressing those same challenges. Suggest why greater collaboration between business, government & nonprofits might be necessary. (750 words – 30%)

Business, government & nonprofits all share the responsibility for creating a more sustainable world. In order to consider the specific role of government & nonprofits, you need to compare & contrast the two sectors with each other & with business. You also need to consider the tools at their disposal & the way the two sectors can both enable & inhibit more sustainable approaches.

Relevant lectures: The role of government; The role of nonprofits; Partnership for a more sustainable world

  1. Conclusion. (300 words – 10%)

Synthesise your findings in order to conclude on the key global challenges we face, the role of “responsible enterprise” in addressing those challenges, & how greater collaboration with government & nonprofits might enable such change to happen.

Relevant lecture: Assignment 1 guidance

Style. (5%)

Overall presentation of essay including structure, language, grammar, spelling. Systematic use of Harvard-style referencing.

Relevant lecture: Academic writing & referencing

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