What is the type of industry?

1)    A brief background to the organization and its environment (10 marks) (250 words)

What is the type of industry?

What is the home-base of this company?

What is the mission statement of this company?

What is the line of product/service that this company is selling?

Which overseas markets does this company serve?

2)    An Introduction to the focus of the report (the issue) (NOTE: WITHIN THIS SECTION YOU MUST INCLUDE A SENTENCE STATING YOUR FOCUS CLEARLY AND SIMPLY) (10 marks)  (200 words)

What will you learn from looking at this chosen issue? You want to study the why Uniqlo is so creative. You need to a full sentence depicting, “the focus of this study is to examine what and how creativity is encouraged in Uniqlo”.

Why do you think this issue is important/justified to be learned in culture context?

How and what does this company done to make this issue happens?

For example:

Uniqlo (Here are possible central issue: creativity, supportive work practices, Japanese management is successful in overseas countries, successful leadership)

3)    A brief argument which explains/justifies why you have chosen a particular theoretical framework instead of 1 other alternative that you considered but have rejected (10 marks)   (500 words)

Schein model*

McKinsey 7’s Model *

Harrison model *

Hofstede five dimensional model *

Senge *

Hall model

e.g. the issue is not apply across various countries, that is reason why Hofstede cultural dimension model is not selected

—  Uniqlo

-Creativity (Senge learning model)

-Supportive work practices (Schein model)

-Japanese management is successful in overseas countries (Hofstede)

-Strong leadership (Harrison model)


4)    An explanation of your chosen theoretical framework that you will use to analyse the organization, including its main concepts (20 marks) (250 words)

(What is the major elements and DISCUSS CHARACTERISTICS OF EACH CULTURAL ELEMENT Paste the model into your assignment)


5)    An analysis of the issue which uses the chosen  theoretical framework and concepts (30 marks) (1500 words)

For exampleApplication of elements (minimum one) onto the issue of the chosen company

You need to provide evidence to support (e.g. citation), e.g. chosen issue is flexible work practice that contribute to success of Uniqlo, & chosen framework is 7S. One of element is staff. You may say the four-day work week shows that the upper management of Uniqlo concerns about the needs of employees on getting enough rest. Though the four-day work week may increase the operating cost, this allows the employees to balance between work and family.


  For example: How you can apply this model to your chosen issue?

e.g. you can apply 7S model by what Southwest has done in cultural work contexts in terms of strategy, structure, system, skills, staff, style, and shared values.

Structure refers to the way in which tasks and people are specialized and divided….divided.

Simultaneous loose-tight properties can be achieved through its “both centralized and de-centralized (Bunz, 1998). They emphasizes few core values they see as they key to the enterprise success: quality, reliability, action, regular informal communication, and quick feedback (Pugh & Hickson, 1997).

Among the organizational structure, there are no rigid rules and regulations. For example,…

Southwest keeps its organizational structure in a simplified ways of communications in an organization. The more layers of management levels…..occurrences.

For example: What IKEA has done by operating a Swedish culture locally? E.g. maintaining a Swedish menu in the mini-bar, using Swedish colors in staff uniform,….etc.

What evidence you can provide in supportive of what the company has done on the chosen issue?

Use heading and subheading, e.g. Strategy to make your points clear and easy to be followed 

For example: on IKEA.

Using McKinsey 7’s Model, self-regulated learning is a skin that involves goal setting and …..regulation (Zimmerman & Risemberg, 1997)

Managers of IKEA see opportunities for self-managed learning programmes among …..throughout company operations.

Some 60 top IKEA executive took part in ….market trends.

Decentralization, communication, and learning and key features of IKEA’s success. At company level….so the more it knows.

Application of cultural model

—  Ensure you need to explain for how each cultural element can be applied well on to the company on that particular central issue.

—  Do not forget to provide rich evidence with appropriate within text citations.

6)    Conclusions (including recommendations if necessary) (10 marks) (200 words)

For example of recommendations: What practices can the company (e.g. IKEA) do promote the issue (e.g. trust)?

Like building a trustful environment

More  communication

Flat communication structure

Promote organizational learning

Participation in decisions making


Close socialization between employees & supervisor


—  For example of recommendations: Take the example of Southwest, what this company can do to further promote its good quality service on customers?

¡  Through fairness treatment on work of staff

¡  Promote high job security of staff

¡  Extension of low-cost strategy on local flights

¡  Cut cost through boarding system

¡  Consider non-price competition with other low cost carriers

¡  Maintain low cost competitive advantages


For example of Conclusions

—  Short paragraph summarizing your report on central issue, which cultural model you select, and large/extent that model can be applied onto the company, and one/two recommendations.

—  Draw conclusion on what issue impacts on future development of the chosen company?



7)    The final 10 marks will be awarded for structure of the assignment, the quality and credibility of references and use of APA referencing


—  Consistency in within test reference and references in APA style.

—  Clear organization

—  Strong arguments

—  Use headings/sub-headings

—  No grammar mistakes

—  Subject and verb agreementNot exceed the word limit of 3,000 words (otherwise, penalty!)

Not exceed the word limit of 3,000 words (otherwise, penalty!)

Cite at least one reference in each of your paragraph, particular in the discussion of issue and application of model onto your chosen issue in details.  Use simple and grammatical-free English.

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