When You behaved as a Leader and as a Team Member

Assessment brief You are required to identify three (3) situations where either a team member or a leader behaved in the following ways on a project you were working on:
The good: exemplary project management behavior was observed
The bad: poor project management behavior was observed
The ugly: unacceptable project management behavior was observed
Each case can be either something you were personally involved in or observed, or something you read about. You can use team work in your MBA. For each ‘case’ you are required to write approx. 500 words for each scenario :
1.A description of the context and the case
2.A critical reflection on why you felt the case to be ‘good’, ‘bad’, or ‘ugly.
3.Offer the lessons learnt for project management practice
The critical reflection should draw on the resources and material covered in Week 1 and 2 of the course. Academic referencing to source material is required. Prepare your submission as a report; including an Introduction and a Conclusion (approx. 500 words in total).

Introduction: State the aims of the assessment

Conclusion: Collating the lessons learnt, what have these cases taught you about project work?

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