Why the future doesn’t need us

why the future does not need us

Read the article “Why the future doesn’t need us” by Bill Joy. To see the article, click this hyperlink==>> “Why the future doesn’t need us”

Upload to the ecollege dropbox “Homework week 5 – Thoughts on ‘Why the future doesn’t need us’ ” – 1 page (a minimum of 300 words) a summary of your reactions to the article.

Sample section of the paper

Reaction to why the future does not need us

I fail to agree with the position of the article Why the future doesn’t need us. I am of the view that the future really needs us. Having been a researcher in the field and having reviewed some of the presentations made by previous researchers such as Kaku Michio who are in the same field, I believe the workability of concepts such as machines and robots that will be able to make decisions will not be able to replace the ability of humans. I say so because machines will never be able to understand one another or to tap into the emotions of the human’s just like we do to make conclusions and assist other people that are around us. In effect, even if the machines will be able to make decisions on their own, they will still lack a part where they will be able to apply emotions which is large part that assist humans in their endeavor to make decisions in their life.

I also believe the future needs us because each one of us in this world is unique and a lot of tacit knowledge that is the main reason why machines will never be able to catch up with our humanly roles. Tacit information by definition is information that may not be recorded, communicated or shared easily since it is unique to each human being. At every step of the way, knowledge management sharing engineers have encountered many challenges in designing platforms to enable information sharing. Therefore, even if these machines are to learn the knowledge in all other platforms, there is the essential knowledge that is not easy for them to learn and hence they may never take up or assume our responsibilities.

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