Wowie Case Study

Wowie Case Study

The Ethical Frameworks used in the video discussion on the Wowie case

The ethical responses of Wowie Info, an American internet company operating in Jaigunda and being faced with several ethical dilemmas concerning handing over confidential information to a totalitarian government is influenced by organizational, managerial and environmental factors (Annenberg Learner).  The company uses a problem-solving framework and decision-making framework to address their ethical dilemmas while applying a design approach to the process of ethical decision-making. The design approach focuses on creating ethical solutions rather than ‘discovering’ or ‘finding’ them out there, a process that can be accomplished by employing moral creativity and moral imagination. Locus of control, cognitive moral development, Machiavellianism, difference in value systems are some of the main aspects that shape the ethical decisions made by the top managers at Wowie Info regarding the demands of the Jaigundan authorities.

Based on the company’s responsibility to shareholders and customers, to remain competitive, to create and add value, to adhere to industry standards and to remain practical in their business decisions, Wowie Info is better off opening up a small window of opportunity, continuing to find other opportunities for growth from there.


Pros and Cons in the Wowie case

PROS: Jaigunda is the largest emerging high-growth market in Asia and represents a ripe business opportunity for Wowie Info and with a more compelling responsibility to the company’s shareholders, customers and community, the company should seek to surmount whatever challenges the country offers in terms of restrictions.

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