WTO Obligations

WTO Obligations

To: The Indus government

From: (Insert your Name)

Date: 24/11/2015

Subject: Mars Failure to Meet Its WTO Obligations and Possible Claim Validity

World Trade organization members allows the member country to enjoy smooth flow of trade in a manner that is as predictable and free as possible. The idea behind WTO agreement is to create an equal filed where all the countries will trade (every country has to get something of equal value) on their side the member countries are tasked with the mandate and obligation of ensuring, among other things, they applied rules of international trade in the right manner. The international trade law that regulates trade between two countries is formulated based on the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), when the charter for the international trade was agreed upon in Havana. GATT has foundational rules that relate to unfair trading practices (Mathur, 2006). Given the obligation of the WTO member countries to other countries under the international trade rule, dispute arising as a result should be solved amicably in line with the word and spirit and letter of the WTO agreement. For this reason, the following analysis of the Mars international trade practice considers the justification and implication of the country’s unfair trade treatment in light of the WTO principles, and rules.

WTO Framework for Trade Policies

The obligations that are derived from the participation in WTO are never inherently erga omnes (indivisible). This means that, as a rule, remedies for the WTO violation remain available to only members who have suffered interest effect, in potential or actual terms. It follows that, a country, although bound to show compliance to the obligations emanating from the treaty vis-à-vis all the other contracting parties, can have…………….

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